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Complimentary worldwide SMS alerts including confirmed team news on match-days, HT & FT scores and major LFC news as it happens

Completely ad-free website (no banner ads or pop-ups) - Thousands of VIP members - Exclusive LFC news & discussion

Established 15 years (we were online before the official LFC website, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google!) which
gives us a wealth of experience over the newcomers today that desperately try to rival us

We've employed numerous former Liverpool FC players over the years and continue to work with a huge
network of contacts associated to the club and throughout the game

Interact with the mature Liverpool fans on the web (our membership keeps immature trolls and rival fans away) and speak
freely and safely within our executive lounges that are moderated 24/7 by KopTalk staff

Never miss a Liverpool goal or press conference again - Tons of Liverpool FC video content - Links to live streams

Exclusive insight & opinion from a wide range of sources & contributors (insight is more important than unsubstantiated rumours)

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